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Making DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juices is not only an
ideal way to save money on <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>vape <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juices, but it is
also a great way to experiment with different mixes of flavors. However, making
DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juices is not always instantly rewarding. Sometimes, you must try time
and again until you find your right flavor mix and the proper strength.
However, there are a few factors, which when considered, can help you arrive at
you perfect DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice faster. Here are the key factors to consider when
making a DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice.

E-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice Factor #1: Diluent

The diluent is the first factor to
be considered when you are making you vape <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juices at home. The diluent is the
base on which your <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice is made and is responsible for bringing out the flavor
and ensuring that it stays longer without going bad. Basically, there are two
major bases- Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These two bases
have different properties and depending on the ratio used, an e-<a href="”>liquid will
have varying characteristics. Vegetable Glycerin being thick and having a
sweeter taste is fitting when you are making <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice that will produce thick
clouds and have a sweeter taste. Conversely, a higher PG ratio should be used
where you are making an <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice for a stronger throat hit and a pronounced
flavor. Besides, PG is light, odorless and tasteless, hence will not affect the
taste of your e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice.

E-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice Factor #2: Nicotine Concentration

Another key factor to consider in
making DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice is the nicotine concentration. Nicotine is one of the key
ingredients that determine the level of throat hit. Therefore, you cannot
afford to overdo or underdo it. The recommended level of nicotine concentration
is 0mg to 24mg. You can choose your nicotine concentration depending on your
sweet spot. For example, if you were a heavy smoker, you might need up to 24mg.
However, if you were a mild smoker, 0 to 6mgs will do it for you.

E-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice Factor #3: Device Being Used

The device which you will
be using
is also a key factor to consider when you are making your e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice.
Just how powerful is your device? For instances, are you using a simple electronic
cigarette or are you using a technologically-advanced MOD? Whatever device you
will be using will help you determine the ingredients of your DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice. If
you are using an e-cigarette, using a high level of VG might not be
appropriate. Besides, VG requires a lot of power to vaporize and power drawn
from a basic e-cig might not be enough. Also, with different ingredients having
different boiling points, it is important that you have a device that has
maximum temperatures required to vaporize your <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice, depending on the
ingredients used. Hence, a MOD would be an ideal option for that.

E-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice Factor #4: Flavoring

When making DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice, it is
necessary that you consider the flavor being used. You will find all kinds of
imaginable flavors available in the market. However, it is advisable that you
buy a small amount of each flavor. Perhaps 10ml for each flavor, because these
flavors don’t always taste like you expect. Therefore, save money by getting a
small amount and when you find out that it is the flavor that meets your vaping
needs, you can go ahead and buy it in bulk.

Making DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice can be fun as
well as a learning experience. With experimentation and patience, you will soon
find your sweet spot and you will not have to think of DIY e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice making as a
struggle. So long as you know the flavor you want to taste and smell in your <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice,
consider the device being used, and select the ingredients appropriately, all depending
on your vaping preferences of course, then you should be set for an enjoyable DIY
e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice making experience.

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