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Vaping and Florida Theme Parks – Hollywood Studios   no comments

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Finding the designated smoking-vaping areas at a theme park is hard enough. Finding them while the park is undergoing construction and vast changes can prove to be even more of a challenge! Hollywood Studios has recently changed where the smoking-vaping areas are, and if you’re not sure where to look, it can get real confusing. In this entry, we’re going to take a look at where the current locations are*, and we hope that Hollywood Studios has plans for more smoking-vaping areas once their Star Wars Lands are done.

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Hollywood Studios Main Entrance Smoking-Vaping Area
If you’re coming to Hollywood Studios by bus, this spot is going to be pretty easy for you to find. It’s located right by the lake, across from the Sorcerer’s Mickey topiaries. If you’re walking in off the trams, look to your right, and you’ll find the smoking-vaping area. This area doesn’t offer much in terms of shade or seating, however, most people don’t even know this is a smoking section, so it’s pretty empty most of the time.
Sunset Boulevard Smoking-Vaping Area (aka ‘Tower of Terror Exit’)

As you are exiting the Tower of Terror, the smoking-vaping section is on your left (past the espresso cart, which has an amazing coconut mocha espresso). This area tends to be pretty crowded, so seating is prime. The shade depends on the time of day. If you can get a seat, this is a great place to hang out for a while and rest your feet, otherwise, enjoy sitting on the curbing.

Hollywood Hills Amphitheater Smoking-Vaping Area

Unfortunately, at the time of this publishing, that area was roped off and we were unable to get any pictures of what it looks like. Be sure to check back, as we hope to have a good shot up here soon. It should be noted that this area is generally roped off until a couple of hours before the Fantasmic! show starts.

Pixar Place Smoking-Vaping Area

There is no official word on this, but I believe this is going to be a temporary smoking-vaping area due to the construction all around it. It’s not officially listed as a smoking-vaping are on the maps either. So, if you find yourself in the madness of Pixar Place and needing a nicotine fix, look for the sign, go all the way to the end of the road, and turn left.

Echo Lake Smoking-Vaping Area

We actually had to ask a Cast Member to guide us to this spot because it recently moved from it’s previous place on Echo Lake. The new Echo Lake smoking-vaping area is located toward the front of the lake (just off Hollywood Boulevard). If you look for the boat in the lake, you should find it without any problems. This was the busiest smoking-vaping area, and on the day we were here, it looked like the vapers preferred this spot to the others. The view of the lake is nice, but the seating was very limited. The first picture shows you what it looks like from Hollywood Boulevard. Just past the landscaping, and down the steps is the actual smoking-vaping area.
If you would like to see the smoking-vaping areas of EPCOT, be sure to read our blog post on where to find those!
*All smoking-vaping areas are current as of May 31, 2016. Smoking-Vaping areas are subject to change without notice, so when in doubt, ask a Cast Member to direct you to where you should go. Always vape in the designated areas, as Disney’s vaping policy dictates.
Check back next week for where you can vape at Kennedy Space Center!

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Nautilus mini noob questions   no comments

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Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this. I have an innokin itaste 1280 battery, and an aspire nautilus mini with a 1.8 ohm bvc coil. The battery is vv 3.5-5.0. I noticed the bottom of the coil where it contacts the spring spins freely. Is there a reason for this? When I refill my tank and put it back together the airflow is different from time to time. However the adjustment is the same. Why is this? I have some inconsistent problems with eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice spitting into my mouth. Any advice would be…

Nautilus mini noob questions

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Aspire BDC vs BVCC – Vivi Nova S   no comments

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I totally missed it, but my normal supplier actually got rid of the BVCC coils. Now I have 3 packs of these upgraded BDC coils for my Vivi Nova-S mini.

The problem is, these BDC coils are an abomination. They burn easily, vape super hot, lack in vapor, and have no flavour except metallic. It honestly feels unsafe to be vaping it's so hot. The metal on the nova-S actually can burn my lip after use.

Has anyone had experience with these coils? They are legit aspire, and I can't really…

Aspire BDC vs BVCC – Vivi Nova S

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Headed to the Beach? Let’s talk about safety!   no comments

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Floridians love beach trips! Cool water, hot
sun, and our friends/family to make a big splash. We always pack for a
full day. Sunscreen, towels, chairs, umbrella, cooler, sand toys for the
kids, and cold drinks are always on our list. Over the last year or so, many have switched to
vaping from smoking. This means we will most likely be bringing our
vape supplies with us too. Here are some tips to keep your vape gear safe, and not allow it to become a
dangerous disaster.
Lithium batteries are contained in many of
our favorite devices: cell phones, bluetooth headsets, tablets,
vaporizers, and many more. These batteries if mistreated, can become a
very dangerous item. In the best case scenario, they will just stop
working. Worst case scenario they can possibly explode. That doesn’t make
these devices immediately dangerous.
If you are not careful with them though, they can become a hazard and cause serious injury. Lithium batteries do not like extreme
temperatures (hot or cold ones). So if you’re hot, your batteries
are hot. That could be a recipe for disaster.

So lets list some things not to do with Lithium Batteries:
– Do NOT leave them in a car (70 degrees can quickly turn into 100 while in a car)
– Do NOT leave them in direct Sunlight.
– Do NOT get them wet.
– Do NOT simply cover them with a towel.
– Do NOT store batteries with loose change, or keys
– Do NOT forget to check up on them!
The last one is VITAL, no matter which route you take to protect your battery. Make sure you check it often to ensure its not overheating.

I find a nice spot under the pier, it’s cool with no sunlight. I keep my
vape stored in a nice sand-proof bag. Just be sure to be considerate of
other bystanders while vaping. This also makes for a great escape when
your getting too hot.

There are many things you can do to protect your devices though. So lets cover some of those now:

– DO keep your batteries in a cool place.
– DO bring an extra cooler with a moisture-resistant seal, to keep your devices out of the heat.
– DO bring them into the shade every hour or so, to make sure they are not overheating.
– DO use a heat-resistant case if you have one available.
– DO find a shady spot to minimize the amount of heat you have to protect your vape from.
– DO return your batteries to normal temperature before using them.
– DO bring extra E-juice!

that last one is more for your enjoyment. If you have not shopped with
us in the last few months, you may not be aware of our new prices. Most
of our 30ml Bottles are now just $9.99, with our most expensive 60ml
only being $24.99.
There’s a nice range there for extra juice.

also have items to help keep sand away from your vape as you
constantly reach into your bag. Small, Medium, Large, and APV cases are
available online, and in both retail locations. These cases can help
keep your vaping supplies away from excess sand, and keep it in one

If an unfortunate event happens and one of your
devices/batteries gets damaged, come see us and allow us the chance to
fix it. Small fixes like cleaning contacts, or airflow, are done at no charge. Larger damages like separated wires, we can send off for repair at our warehouse. Any warehouse based repairs carry the $14.99 repair
fee. If repairing your device isn’t an option, or if you just want to
upgrade and replace it all together, we will do our best to assist you
in finding the best device for you, and teaching you how to use its
features, functions, and safety.

Thanks always for reading!

Personally, I hope your beach day ends like the picture below.

vape Safe, and have fun!

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Aspire CF 18650 – which coils to pair with?   no comments

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Im not into sub-ohming….I like the form factor on the Aspire CF 18650 and the fact that it has a replaceable battery. However the recommended range for the coils is 0.3-1ohm….Aspire says anything higher resistance coils could get damaged.

Its something to do with the coils not receiving the power they need.

The chart looks like this:

View attachment 552541

Confusingly enough there are one or two people who say they are using them with 1.8 Nautilus coils and they don't mind.


coils-to-pair-with.740607/”>Aspire CF 18650 – which coils to pair with?

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Vaping and Florida Theme Parks – EPCOT   no comments

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All of Florida’s theme parks have strict policies regarding vaping. They require vapers to use the designated smoking areas. While we agree this isn’t the best option for people who vape, as a guest in their park, you will be expected to abide by their rules. In this series, we’re going to focus on where those designated smoking areas are, so that you can focus on enjoying your visit.
First, though, let’s talk about Disney’s policy.
Disney does a good job of providing guests several areas through most of their parks (we’ll discuss the LACK of smoking areas at Animal Kingdom in a future blog post). In EPCOT, there are SEVEN designated smoking areas spread logically throughout the entire park. Most of the smoking-vaping areas have some shade from the relentless Florida sun (though there are some areas that do not), and most of the areas offer seating. Of the Disney theme parks, EPCOT’s smoking-vaping areas are the most accommodating, so we’re going to focus on what EPCOT has to offer vapers first.
If you are using the My Disney Experience app to get around Disney, you may have already noticed that it is next to impossible to figure out where the smoking-vaping areas are in any of their parks. Disney also changes where those areas are located from time to time as well. As they change, we will keep you updated here. So let’s break down where the areas are, and some landmarks to look for. We will start our journey at the front entrance, go through Future World, then head to the World Showcase.
Future World East Smoking-Vaping Area:

Located between Ellen’s Universe of Energy and Mission Space, this area offers plenty of shade and seating to kick back and vape.
Future World West Smoking-Vaping Area

Located just past the The Land Pavillon, and right outside of Journey Into Imagination, you will find a nice little alcove just for smokers and vapers. While there is plenty of available seating here, the shade is minimal.
Showcase Plaza West Smoking-Vaping Area (heading toward Canada)

This area offers a couple of benches, and little shade. The first photo is if you were to take the path from Future World West (The Land) toward Canada (the smoking area would be on your left). The second photo is if you were coming from Showcase Plaza walking toward Canada (the smoking area would be on your right).
Next up is the World Showcase. We’re starting from Canada, and working our way around to Showcase Plaza East (past Mexico).
International Gateway Smoking-Vaping Area

Tucked away, between England and France, near the resort area entrance, is the ‘International Gateway’ (located on your right as you walk toward France). This area offers some shade, and a couple of benches. Because it is the resort entrance, there generally aren’t a lot of people at this smoking-vaping area.
Japan Smoking-Vaping Area

Blink, you and may miss this one! Located between Morocco and Japan, it’s slightly off the main path. The shade here depends on the time of day. During peak season, getting a seat on the bench is like winning the lottery, but during the afternoon, this area is one of the coolest (in terms of temperature). There tends to be a lot of water in this area too, so be careful if you’re sitting on the curbing.
Italy Smoking-Vaping Area

With no reprieve from the sun, this area offers little in terms of relief. The benches have no back support and are made of concrete. It matches the theme well, but forget about relaxing and cooling down. That said, this area tends to have plenty of available seating. Be prepared for side-eyed looks from non-smokers wondering why you’re smoking so close to the fountain.
China Smoking-Vaping Area

Located between China and Norway, this smoking-vaping area is tucked down an ally. There is no shade here, but plenty of benches. Sometimes you get to see the performers from China entering or leaving (which is kind of cool when they’re doing the dragon act).
Showcase Plaza East Smoking-Vaping Area

This is another smoking-vaping area that can be difficult to find if you’re not familiar with where it is. Located just past Mexico (or before you get to Mexico if you’re coming from Future World), this area is tucked between beautiful landscaping and a lake. Directly across the lake is the Odyssey Center and First Aid/Baby Care Center. As you’re walking from Mexico toward Future World, it is located on your right. As you are walking toward Mexico, it will be on your left. Here are some shots from both points of view.
When in doubt, ask a Cast Member, or look for the smoking symbol on the trashcans. Always vape in the smoking areas. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a smoker and change their life!
That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back soon when we’ll be showcasing the smoking-vaping areas at Hollywood Studios!

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Who Doesn’t Like Coupons?   no comments

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Who doesn’t like coupons?






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Do you guys like this setup?   no comments

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Here my e cig combination, it's obviously not as complex as the other builds ive seen but i think it looks good.



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