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What are the differences between electronic cigarette and tobacco cigarette   no comments

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I want to share an article from a professional e-cig company by surfing on Google´╝îas follows

The electronic cigarette is a non-flammable electronic cigarette, also known as the “vape”. It consists of housing, cigarette holder, dust filter, spice boxes, light-emitting diodes, power supplies, breathing apparatus components. It does not burn, just containing the purified nicotine, tar-free, does not contain other chemical substances causing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases tobacco cigarette contain, eliminating other carcinogens conventional cigarette inherent in. Its efficiency is similar to tobacco cigarettes, which is to refresh to meet the cravings, so that smokers have a sense of euphoria and relaxation, while a smoking cessation effect.

The essential difference between “electronic cigarette” and tobacco cigarettes are:

1. It does not contain harmful tar and carcinogenic substances;

2. Do not burn, no variety of harmful chemicals produced by combustion;

3. There is no “passive smoking” harm caused to others and environmental pollution;

4. No fire hazards, can be used wherever ban the fire and smoking;

5. No poison, no fire, no pollution, is a good substitute for cigarettes.

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Octopus E Juice   no comments

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Octopus Ejuice is a sensational vender for all things vape!!! Not only is the fluid delectable but I have been blowing huge clouds enough to fill a room in a minute.

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New   no comments

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Elbert Smith, I am new to here.

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What is the best price do you think for the 80w box mod   no comments

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Hi guys,

What do you think is the best price for the vampire 80.

Here is the feature of the box mod.

1. Reverse Polarity Protection
2. Output Short Protection
3. Low Resistance Protection
4. Battery low voltage Protection
5. Temperature overheat protection
6. Variable wattage: 7-80w, variable voltage: 1.4-13v
7. Compatible resistance: 0.3-2ohm
8. Magnets battery cover
9. Adjustable 510 electrode
10. Dual 18650 batteries.

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Nicotine not addictive? Yeah right!   no comments

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Hi Guys

It often comes up in replies to posts that nicotine is not addictive, or that there are studies that suggest that it isn’t. I find that rather strange, to me it has DENIAL written all over it. I know there are substances other than nicotine that may also be addictive which explains why it is so difficult to quit smoking. However, I am still convinced nicotine is the main culprit. If nicotine is not addictive surely it must be possible to stop vaping cold turkey? How many of you would be able to do that? I know I couldn’t. I know smoking addiction is a complex thing but I can’t imagine having to go without my nic. Quitting vaping is definitely not on my radar at the moment, and probably not ever.

How do you feel about this?

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What best electronic cigarettes that you have use?   no comments

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Hi all! What a good day to you!Wink

I need some help.

I bought the v2cigs electronic cigarette, and you have to suck really hard to get it going, then one of the cartridges which are supposed to last like a pack or 2 of cigarettes gave out in just a few hours.

Did you have used the v2 electronic cigarettes the Green Smoke e-cig, Inshare electronic cigarette(One of the best china electronic cigarette manufacturers),blu cigs,Apollo Cig?

I want to try another brand and want some other people’s opinions. Thanks!

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Vaping and depression? Veteran vapers.   no comments

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Ok I am 54 I was a very heavy smoker 50 a day in the end but have not had one single smoke or even a puff in over 2 years.

I am wondering if vaping causes depression? When I smoked I was very active in fact i have always been a bit hyper active but since I stopped smoking I have become very inactive and just cant be bothered any more to do all the things I used to do and enjoy?

As anyone else experienced this? it could be unrelated to vaping or smoking but its the only thing that has changed in my life since i started vaping full time.


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Family members want a vaporizer, too – what would you do?   no comments

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There are already 2 of us in the household vaping now. Me, and my 19 year old daughter. I’m vaping for pleasure – zero nic.
My daughter is as well, but the plan there is for her to use it to eliminate the occasional smoking she does.

My wife is seeing how much I’m enjoying it, and she now wants one. She also thinks one of our college age boys would want one.

What would you do? Would you view it *safe enough* to give to other loved ones – that aren’t using it for smoking elimination – or would you be concerned?

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new juices   no comments

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I just got vigilante vip (very important pineapple) and twig and berries life of pie. I also received a free 15 ml of propaganda camp fire. The vip is pretty good. The flavor is pineapple, blueberries and cream. I’m on a mission to find the perfect pineapple flavor but they all fall short, this one is by far the best but I’m not floored. The life of pie is amazing, it’s a key lime pie flavor and damn its delicious. Haven’t tried camp fire yet but it smells good.Huh

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What effect the cloud output?   no comments

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My innokin itaste clk1280(with gladius) dont’ work well now. The cloud became very small even in 5.0V. What’s wrong? Should I take another clearomizer? What brand is good?

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