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DBTwist e-cigarettes is coming soon   no comments

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DBTwist full name is Decibel Twist, voice regulator electronic cigarette is a new product, this product is currently in the market is no similar product, in this era of increasingly health-seeking, in this era of electronic cigarette products gradually prevailed, economic conditions of people’s living standards rising, ordinary electronic cigarette has been insufficient to meet people’s pursuit of new things. In the old for the new trend of this society. DBTwist e-cigarettes in Shenzhen Angelol Technology Co., Ltd. Asvape R & D team of colleagues after a few months of hard times, according to today’s increasing demand for electronic cigarettes, have become increasingly demanding and developed new products. DBTwist e-cigarettes is the result of the ordinary in the original electronic cigarette on the improvement and innovation of products, the advent of this new product will certainly set off a new wave in the electronic cigarette industry. Voice regulator electronic cigarette is in the normal structure of the original cell bars, atomizer, smoke bombs adds voice control pressure regulating device and the formation of new products.

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Angelol – electronic cigarettes   no comments

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Shenzhen Angelol Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, producing healthy e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigarette holders and electronic cigars and specializing in integration researching, production, sale and service, and is a Sino-foreign joint venture. We have gathered lots of well educated and experienced researchers and administrators on electronic cigarette field. We have been devoting ourselves to developing healthy and safety electronic cigarette all the time, and our products are outstanding in the industry because of innovative and high technology, advanced technique and perfect management. New technology and guaranteed quality ensure the strong and powerful corporate image, and the influential position of the industry.

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A newest vaporizer named migo attract me   no comments

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Hi guys! A few days ago I bought a Migo vaporizer from a Chinese vendor named Dexin Tech. I found it is very useful for wax and dry herb and the vapor is huge. You guys should check it out!!!!!

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How do E-cigs work??   no comments

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Hey guys, I am new to the forum and probably not a true expert as most of you most guys are. Considering I now work for TedTobacco ( an online store who sells hookahs and tobaccos), I’d love to learn more, get your feedback , and be part of the community!

So, I recently wrote an article on how E-cigarettes work, focusing on the basics of explaining the parts of an E-cig and how to activate it. The general starting level of all E-cig reads, but would love some help in: best brands/flavors to smoke, any cool mods from basic e-cigs, and the difference between e-cigs and vapes?

I got a bunch of questions but can start here. Greatly appreciate anyone who can help the newbie out, lol. Thanks again in advance!

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Best Juice for Cheap   no comments

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A buddy showed me this site and I just had to share it with you guys. Their juice vapes better than almost every other premium I’ve tried and they are so cheap. They also sell hardware for cheaper than Ive found any where else. Definitely worth checking out. You’re welcome Wink

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My new cute vaporizer pen   no comments

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I bought a new vaporizer pen called Migo. It is portable for carrying and the same size as e-smart. Just need to press the drip tip for cleaning. I enjoy wax and weed with it, you will get high, lol.

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Hi   no comments

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Hey Guys

I am deathstarr

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Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking   no comments

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Are you looking for an electronic cigarette in Australia yet? Recent studies suggest that electronic cigarettes can help people quit their nicotine habit. In fact, if you want to quit, e-cigarettes may work even better than nicotine patches, gum and plain willpower. You’re 60% more like to succeed if you use them. Smoking is a very difficult habit to beat, but this is definitely one strong step in the right direction.

This is how smokeless cigarettes make quitting that much easier: while they contain nicotine, they don’t have any tobacco smoke. What this means for you is that your cravings won’t be as severe, and withdrawal will be correspondingly less painful. From a health point of view, tests for toxicity seem to indicate that using e-cigarettes involves lower risks than regular ones. By any standards, then, they are definitely an improvement.

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