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Mixing my own e liquid checklist   no comments

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I have read the guides on multiple forums and would like you guys to help me double check before I order (almost all from madvapes simply because I have used them before and trust them)

Luer Lock 21 gauge needle (I know they recomend larger ones but this is the only one they sell and its only $1)

5ml Luer Lock Syringe

5x 5ml bottle with drip tip

3x 50ml bottle with drip tip

5x 10ml bottle with drip tip

4oz bottle of VG

4oz bottle of PG

The other place I could use recommendations on is a place to get extracts from. Madvapes is out of stock on almost all of their extracts and I was hoping to mix my own. I know you can dilute pre mixed versions but then if I was doing that wouldn’t it just be more cost effective to buy them alone? Since its not really the nicotine level I am wanting adjusted but rather that this is cheaper in the long run.

Thanks ahead of time and let me know what to add/remove and your recomendations.

Written by vape on April 28th, 2014

Nicotine Content in Bottle? Or Per ML??   no comments

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I called a few different shops today and asked if the “11MG Nicotine” bottle was 11mg per bottle, or per ML…

They all said it was per bottle.

Which is to say, a 5ML contains 11MG of nicotine… That doesn’t make much sense.

Online I found calculations that it was 11MG per ML…

Anyone have any back up to support any of these claims?

I want to make sure I am not smoking for nicotine than I was when I was smoking cigarettes.

Thanks Smile

Written by vape on April 24th, 2014

E-Juice VG/PG Question   no comments

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Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum and fairly new to vaping. I started at the end of March and have loved it, so far.

My main question is about what my setup can take as far as pg/vg percentages go. I have a Kanger T3D BDC on a Joyetech eGo Passthrough battery. I started with 100% PG and 24mg nicotine, but found that was too harsh, so switched to 18mg nic and 15% VG. It’s is still a little too harsh for me (dry throat, coughing, hard to breath, etc.) and was thinking about moving to 40% VG.

[/font]So, would my tank be able to handle this? I’ve read that since VG is thicker, it doesn’t burn as well as PG and an gunk up on wicks and such. I’m making another purchase of juice here soon and would like to try it, but am scared that it will destroy my tank. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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The Best Electronic Cigarette   no comments

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I think Kangertech & Innokin are the most popular Electronic Cigarette brands. More and more smokers are concerned with finding alternatives to preserve their health. The quality of an electronic cigarette is very important to aiding in this and I think they are the best.

Written by vape on April 16th, 2014

DIY ejuice question   no comments

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hello all, newbie here with a quick question

I ordered a 50/50 pg/vg blend of 6mg unflavored base and some flavoring concentrates and I’m just wondering if that’s enough to mix up some decent juice? I’ve seen hella recipes that use very high nic strength pg or vg bases and mix all the extra pg and vg and whatnot separately. So i guess my question is; can mixing a decent ejuice be as simple as finding the right ratio of unflavored juice to flavor concentrates?

Any input you might have would be much obliged.

Written by vape on April 8th, 2014

Are eCigs necessary to quit smoking?   no comments

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If you are going to quit smoking, why do you not stop cold turkey? Are electronic cigarettes a true alternative to quit smoking? Are the other alternatives ineffective? It appears that electronic cigarettes are not harmful, but how can we know for sure?

Written by vape on April 3rd, 2014