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Why most electronic cigarette made in China   no comments

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Electronic cigarette users in China is not a lot of people, a lot of Chinese production of electronic cigarette manufacturers are exported to Europe and America, then why most electronic cigarettes manufactured in China? We talk about your views…

I think it is the Chinese electronic cigarette price is cheap and low labor costs, The electronic cigarette is a very mature on market and technology in China

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An unconvincing response editor 60 Million ecigarette Consumers   no comments

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Laurenceau Thomas , the editor of 60 million e-cigarette consumers , responds to media attacks that have been the subject
Thomas Laurenceau in the October issue of “60 ” is clearly to the right of reply following the outcry had the September dossier on the electronic cigarette.

We will not repeat here the article ( a real study … ) in detail, but the followers of vapotage had understood that the so-called precision tables and studies who were led to the conclusion that the electronic cigarette was a product best taken with a grain of salt , the health hazard of vapoteurs worse! It even makes it state of certain products that are more toxic than those present in a cigarette ! The article advocated that the greatest vigilance was set and that the state of knowledge , the product had nothing trivial .

The outcry that followed the publication of this report was inevitable qualify vapotage of dangerous, do not use in an environment where everything is done to encourage people to overcome smoking can only be a process quite inconceivable for hundreds of thousands of users of e -cigs that have not bothered to do it loud and clear (” in thirty years of journalism, I have never received so many messages of insults ,” T.Laurenceau ) – sic – .

The editor of “60” has responded this month to these attacks . But there is only one answer halftone which does of course no mention of the hype about some article of September. Thomas Laurenceau rather adopts an attitude of evasion , as heard at first that many vapoteurs would not even read his article ( ! ) And evading the question of his stance on the toxicity that claims to be present in quite slippery liquid ( which directly related ? ) in the field of adolescent smokers who are not tempted by the electronic cigarette as a “gadget” .

“How to avoid that anyone could sell anything, be it small or importer of area companies such as BAT ? , ” He adds . Yes, but it would have had the same moderation in the article. Nobody disputes that the liquid control , safety ( container and content) must be above reproach . However , work on this control is constant . This is what the article should strive to mention!

Finally, the editor of “60” repeat that if the weapon of mass destruction is the cigarette -smoking , there is no reason to look so intent on the consumer product that is the electronic cigarette and analyze it more closely. It is the duty of the National Consumer Institute .

If the role of a magazine like 60 Million Consumers is to inform the public debate on issues of consumption “without blinders or taboo ,” as stated Laurenceau , such lighting shall be with objectivity and neutrality , which saw the reactions to the article in September , has clearly not been the case.


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Europe has not yet legislated on the regulatory framework of the ecig   no comments

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And during that time , the tobacco industry tries pole position but worth it!
While Europe has not yet legislated on the regulatory framework of the ecig ( summit today October 8) , the tobacco industry is organized so that the market share does not escape him.

Compete on price

“While the legislature is responsible for the electronic cigarette, the tobacco industry … fits ” on
As the ecig is untaxed , the tobacco industry will not engage in a price war . However, by acquiring existing brands electronic cigarettes or creating their own, they can come into direct competition with the market ecig . While the product has completely escaped them, that is and should remain a focused its consumer product, the tobacco industry wants its share of the market. But if, as we had informed you , the first electronic cigarettes made by the tobacco giants are really bad or zero (see our products e- cigarette or Vuse Markten ) … the tobacco industry has the financial means to hand market .

According to Gérard DUBOIS, Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of Amiens : ” All the major tobacco companies , Philip Morris in the United States , Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco have purchased one or more brands of electronic cigarettes. Worse, these products allow them to start to advertise … “

These large industrial groups also want to build as specialists manufactured according to the standards (as they are used with tobacco) , thus guaranteeing the quality . “… Somehow coming to the rescue of consumers, a shame ! “According to Gerard Dubois .

But in our article on Markten Duane already pointed out that the order of the products noted on the record was oddly arranged and a promo of 5% on an accessory charging was proposed promotion of a tiny USB charger whose thread was only compatible with the brand and a commercial technique that has so exasperated that consumers not 510 screws ( the Ego brand) has become a standard and manufacturers were forced to follow.

Another great lesson that shows that this market ecig , the consumer is king of his choice (or trends around the market ) .

The tobacco industry out of inspiration

To catch up, the industry is looking into other products , other alternatives to conventional cigarettes , products that could come directly compete electronic cigarette Ploom kind or inhalers (or sprays) that work with a kind of cigarette holder and which pass through the buccal mucosa due to the solubility of the nicotine. Research could focus on the ability to increase their doses to be more closer to the electronic cigarette .

In sum, a pale copy !

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Some new Electronic cigarette brands with e-liquid to taste in French and American   no comments

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You ‘ve probably noticed but the new e- liquid brands abound at this time on the web. Among those that caught my attention are the French and brands Liquideo Green Vapes (already made ) and more recently the U.S. Jet Fuel brand.

Liquideo , a new ecigarette brand of French e- liquids.
Liquideo open only for distribution to professional , probably has the best profile with a laboratory certified by the MSNA Ile-de- France and meets certain standards of production ( according to the communication made by the company). We are here in a manufacturing industry clearly described and things seem to be well done. After testing some of their e- liquid , I found the very first school first , but my feeling is very personal.

Being adept liquid rather oriented tobacco , I still enjoyed the Lucky Boy that my neighbor has also adopted to forget his killer ( Jerome congratulations ! ) . The Liquideo range spans forty perfumes and revolves around four main groups : tobacco, fruity , yummy and fresh . Not knowing the listing of sales , I can not tell you today resellers to test this brand new, but I think we should soon be able to find it everywhere.

Jet Fuel : e- liquid in the American tradition
The second brand I wanted to introduce you we arrived in the United States . The e- liquid Jet Fuel is typically American : heavy on the palate, lots of sugar , very powerful gourmet flavors and a fairly large proportion of VG (50 %).

Much more interesting for vapoteur warned that Liquideo , we regret against by the total lack of information on production methods. This does not prevent the vapoteur looking for gourmet liquids have fun with his MOD equipped with the latest mapping . The volume of steam is guaranteed ( the breath can be a little less).

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The European Parliament: sale the e-cigarette is not classified as a drug.   no comments

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“Press the Aiduce : the vote on 8 October and its consequences,” published October 14, 2013
The vote by the European Parliament on 8 October has not ended the debate on the electronic cigarette. However, we know that the sale of the product will not be entrusted to pharmacists since the e-cigarette is not classified as a drug.

For AIDUCE ( the Association of Independent Electronic Cigarettes users ) , it is the result of ” the democratic expression of the will of millions of users of electronic cigarettes in Europe. “

But the situation can quickly change , the adoption of various measures contained in Amendment 170 of Article 18 of the Directive will have a negative impact on product development in the European Union.

Its distribution could already begin to be limited as distance sales within a country are directly threatened and border distance selling is prohibited. This goes against a generally dear to all our European leadership principle: the free movement of goods within the single market.

But the biggest danger remains above the 165 amendment stating that ” all products containing nicotine should be regulated as tobacco related products . ” And yet , the electronic cigarette has nothing to do with the traditional cigarette since there is ” no combustion or tobacco .”

The attractiveness of the product decrease significantly if the e- cigarette was classified as a tobacco product and its price could increase significantly if the government limited its dissemination, particularly on the internet.

The AIDUCE states closely follow the next step in the legislative process and will result in alerting the public if ” draconian these contradictions were maintained in the text of the Directive.”


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E-Cigarette Liquid   no comments

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The electronic cigarette France in public transport : already banned in Nice and Pari   no comments

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The personal vaporizer starts is increasingly treated as a tobacco product in transit
Vapoteurs the French could no longer use their electronic cigarette for a long time in transit.

It was not until the next decision of the State Council on this, but many organizations are already pushing to ban e-cigarettes in public transport in France.

These include the National Committee against Smoking who spoke in favor of banning the product in places where there is already banned smoking.

The French Office for the Prevention of Smoking is on the same line since we can read in his report made there a few months before the recommendation ” to prohibit the use of e- cigarettes and any product evoking smoking in places where smoking is prohibited . “

Some transport authorities have already taken them to not see the vapoteurs use their e- cigarette in the metro, bus and tram . This is already the case for most of them , the RATP , which no longer allows the vapotage since May 2013.

The extension of the Evin Law was also anticipated on the French Riviera, near Nice, with the urban community Sophia Antipolis (Casa ), which prohibited the e-cigarette in its transport.

If the state board decides to ban the national level, vapoteurs risk being sidelined and would diminish the attractiveness of electronic cigarettes to smokers . Not sure this is a positive signal for people really want to quit smoking …

Regarding the argument of passive vapotage , has long been known that it is a relative or non-existent . For some who still use their vapoteurs his ecig in public places , indirect incitement to smoking can certainly appear to them as a paradox , for others it will be just the extension of an already well-known rule .


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Italy: The electronic cigarette risk implosion   no comments

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In Italy, the organization of electronic cigarettes traders fear the tax expected to take effect in January 2014. The first economic impact is already being felt and professionals warn the authorities on this bill that would kill the egg in a growing market.

A market that could end net and 15% of smokers who could plunge in tobacco.

Trade of electronic cigarette in Italy is threatened by a high tax scheduled for January.
Trade electronic cigarette vaporizes in Italy since it is threatened by a high tax scheduled for January 2014.
The market for electronic cigarette in Italy, whose forecasts are estimated at 500 million euros for 2013, is about to know a great disappointment.

While recent protests vapoteurs and traders appear to have rejected the proposed tax on the product, the Italian government has finally kept its commitment to implement his tax plan.

Burdened by a levy of 58.5%, the Italian electronic cigarette might soon join the camp of tobacco, carrying with it a very real hope though public health.

15% of Italian smokers are now users of e-cigarettes. With risk reduction, the price argument is one of the main motivations in the vapoteur. Tobacco sales would have declined 6.1% in Italy during the last eight months, decline attributed in part to the popularity of the product in the country and has already costed the Government Napolitano € 455 million in uncollected tax revenues .

Industry professionals alert the media about this and did not hesitate to highlight the 6,800 jobs directly threatened by this bill. Oval, a leading specialist in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes Italian companies, announces a 50% of its turnover in 2013 and expect the worst with a projected deficit of -80% for January 2014.

In Genoa is about 25% of stores electronic cigarettes that have already closed, while in Turin annual growth of the local market increased from 71.9% in 2012 to -2.4% in June 2013.

The Italian newspaper Republica is an overview of the situation in an article of 12 October which is the translation:

Next year will come into force on the electronic cigarette tax of 58.5%: “The industry has created 6,800 jobs in one year is on standby, waiting for his future.”

MILAN – The phenomenon of electronic cigarettes is still palpable but sharp drop. After a very positive for the sector traders year, they experienced a significant slowdown in activity in July and August 2013. According to figures from the Confesercenti Osservatorio sul Commercio (the organization of the trade and retail sector), between July 2012 and August 2013, 1,703 points of sale of a total of 4,500 or 6,800 people, had a turnover positive. However, the number of new stores fell sharply in July and August this year, the industry is in “stand-by”, pending its future.

If this tax was passed (58.5%), it would take effect in January 2014 and industry traders, after Fiesel Confesercenti (organization traders e-cigarettes), could suffer a sharp decline in activity, closing outlets at a rate equal to, but in the opposite direction to that of the boom observed until this year.

“The decline is partly due to physiological factors of the market but also to the misinformation campaign by some media attributed to e-cigarettes allegedly harmful effects not only have never been proven, but the time off logically, and have had an effect on some consumers, “says Massimiliano Federici, President Fiesel.

“But the feeling of fear and uncertainty for the future hinder entrepreneurs who intend to open new outlets: the entry into force of this tax would be catastrophic for some 500,000 Italians usually use this product. ” The Traders Association electronic cigarettes continues: “Consumers are faced with a huge tax increase on the same e-liquid, which would have serious consequences such as accelerating the decline of activity in this burgeoning sector the increase in smuggling and illegal market e-liquids and materials. “


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The future of e-cigarette depends on many actors   no comments

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The victory of the October 8 vapoteurs certainly not mark the end of the battle waged against tobacco . If the amendment 170 MEPs voted by an absolute majority has not classify electronic cigarettes as a drug, certain provisions tend to limit the democratization of the product on the continent, and it is feared the emergence of new very restrictive in the future.

Mickaël Hammoudi , director of the Collective actors of the electronic cigarette ( CACE ) , said that the parliament decided to ban advertising on the e-cigarette, and it is also prohibited to vapoter in public places . It is also against this and said that her organization offers the alternative ” to let those professionals ( cafes , bars … ) to say whether or not they accept that vapote in their places . “

Defenders of the electronic cigarette also fear a possible ban on cross-border as well as the closure of the forums referring to the product Web sales ( since it is a form of advertising ) . For more clarity on these issues, it will need to monitor closely the discussions that will take place between the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the union in the coming weeks . Mickaël Hammoudi is still not in favor of total deregulation . He would rather be introduced as an effective framework around the product , especially to minimize the risk of ” health accident.”

Nevertheless, reasons for hope for vapoteurs are real. The mobilization has already paid on 8 October ( 40,000 signatures collected by AIDUCE and protest outside the parliament in particular), the defenders of the e-cigarette are again ready to be heard if too restrictive measures appear shortly.

One thing is sure: the reluctant with regard to the product people are anyway fewer today among MEPs and it is already a small victory : ” While it was far from won we stopped the dominant thinking of making the electronic cigarette a drug. We are no longer a monolithic vision. Today, two designs will be able to compete “said Ries , a Belgian MEP .


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The electronic cigarette spared new taxes behavioral   no comments

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We talked about it a month ago the possibility that the government introduced a tax on electronic cigarettes next year . It’s Le Parisien newspaper that revealed this information on the basis of a ” confidential document ” prepared by the ministerial cabinets .

The government, through Marisol Touraine (Minister of Social Affairs and Health), and Bernard Cazeneuve ( Minister in charge of the budget) had quickly responded by announcing that “no tax increase mentioned [ was ] expected ” .

And it seems they have kept their word puisqu’effectivement , we find no trace of taxes on e- cigarette in the budget for 2014 Social Security , adopted by the House on Thursday , October 24. In contrast, a tax on energy drinks is created, and each year it is estimated to generate around 60 million euros in revenue.

Hopefully the government will not change position when they will grow the market of electronic cigarette in 2014. But vapoteurs will be heard in no doubt !

Mickael Hammoudi , president of the Collective actors of the electronic cigarette ( CACE ) had expressed its opposition to the introduction of a tax which could have a negative impact on the e-cigarette and indirectly on the motivation of smokers to reduce or stop their consumption. The price of products ( electronic cigarette refills, etc. ..) could increase significantly , ” a tax would be a low blow to consumers because the price is a key determinant in their arbitration ” explained Michael Hammoudi .

Also ” 2000 newly created by French companies in the electronic cigarette jobs ” would also threatened if a tax was introduced as soon tell the President of CACE .



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