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What is the best e- cig?   no comments

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has been using clearette. I just stopped using blu I just really did not like the taste at all. I picked up a Clearette online just poking around on some other brands. I have to tell you, this product is pretty solid and is now my top choice for electric cigs.

Bottom line, I tried them all and found my home for a e cig brand that I can trust. Let me know what you guys think.

Written by vape on June 27th, 2013

EC Blend Create-Your-Own Wizard Recipes   no comments

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Has anyone else used this feature? I’ll be receiving my first batch in a week or so, and I’d like to hear about some great recipes you all have come up with.

Here are the recipes I made, but haven’t tried yet!

Bananas Foster
4o% Banana
2o% Rum
2o% Butter
2o% Brown Sugar

Mayfair [of See’s Candies fame]
35% Maraschino Cherry
2o% Vanilla Bourbon
25% Pecan
2o% Chocolate

Peppered Fig
6o% Fig
3o% Honey
1o% Black Pepper

Apricot Clafoutis
3o% Apricot
3o% Bread Crust
3o% Whipped Cream
1o% Amaretto

Tres Leches Cake
25% Sweet Cream
25% Whipped Cream
3o% Fresh Cream
2o% Rum

Soaked Melon
7o% Honeydew
3o% Amaretti

Tropical Cream
25% Pina Colada
25% Banana Cream
1o% Hazelnut
4o% Bavarian Cream

Cinnamon Toast
4o%Bread Crust
2o% Brown Sugar
2o% Butter
2o% Cinnamon

Coffee Grog [Ever tried the cocktail version?]
4o% Kona Coffee
1o% Chai Tea
2o% Rum
3o% Sweet Cream

Bubble Tea [Or Boba]
45% Earl Grey
2o% Cantaloupe
3o% Fresh Cream
5% Hazelnut

Old Cuban
35% Rum
35% Champagne
15% Lime
15% Spearmint

7o% Bittersweet Chocolate
3o% Apricot

Thai mango with Sticky Rice
3o% Mango
35% Sweet Cream
25% Coconut
1o% Butter

Rum Raisin
5o% Butter Rum
5o% Raisin

Cafe Maria Theresia
5o% Coffee
3o% Orange
2o% Whipped Cream


Brandied Cherry
5o% Brandy
5o% Cherry

So….maybe I got a little carried away. BUT I’d love some tried-and-true recipes to order from them, as I’m not sure how these flavors will turn out yet. Thanks :- ]

Written by vape on June 26th, 2013

Why is it so hard to find a nice genesis   no comments

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I would love me a doodlebug. Need to see for myself how much better it can be than my aga-t and agi.

Written by vape on June 25th, 2013

plz help me find a good eliquid   no comments

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Hi folks,
I am kind of new to ecig,I have tried e liquid from different websites;however,I couldn’t find any appropriate one.I liked premium tobacco from ecigexpress but they dont carry it anymore.
I was wondering if you could let me know some cool websites and juices.

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Newbie   no comments

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hey folks.
I’m new here. A big hello to everyone, my name is Alex, i’m law student. I’ve started a social kinda work to aware people about the bad effects of smoking. I’ve joined few forums today and hoping to get a good discussion on few topics which i want to use for awareness of harmful effects of smoking. Have a great day.

Written by vape on June 24th, 2013

I’m new here!   no comments

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I didn’t see a welcome noob section on the forum, so I hope this spot will do! I’ve joined a couple forums today as I’m reading how the “pros” critique eCigs. I just started reviewing eCigs with a group of other individuals for a website that been around for a few years. That has led me to the foums to look around to read and learn!

Now I’m off to read some threads!

Written by vape on June 23rd, 2013

Noobie here!   no comments

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Hy, folks!

I’m kind of a noobie – 6 months since I’ve started vaping – and I’m glad I found this forum.
I’ve surfed the topics and I already found some interesting things to put into practice.

Thumbs up for the initiative and for those who post here, hope to find all the info I need to have a great vaping “experience”:D


Written by vape on June 18th, 2013

Vapor Shots – Liquid Nicotine Solutions for e-Liquid *** NOW SHIPPING TO CANADA ***   no comments

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Vapor Shots is proud to announce that we now ship to Canada and have some of the best negotiated rates around.

Browse our selection of DIY Liquid Nicotine Solutions, PG’s & VG’s. We have all the liquids you need, at competitive wholesale and DIY prices, to make your own e-liquid.

Concentrated Flavorings are now available with more being added all the time. Dekang and RY4 from FA will be up this weekend. Orange and Vanilla Cream are in testing.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.



Written by vape on June 15th, 2013

help with trident rba and ss mortar v2   no comments

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I am a regular vapor but i have only used the basic ego batteries and a double barrel smoke tek with 2 1.5 cartos. well i decided to step up my level in the vaping world and went all out and ordered the ss mortar v2 and a trident atomizer from the Philippines. well i got my order in today and after about an hour of learning all the different ways you can twist it i hooked up my wicks i ordered online. i put my battery in and dripped juice onto the wick only to get a nasty metaly oil taste and i decided to retry and put a new wick on and same thing. i made sure the coils are spaced out but it seems that when i fire it the coils move closer together. i am at a loss and all the help i can get on how to work this thing propperly will be greatly appreciated. the one thing i want to stick with is a cotton style wick.

Written by vape on June 14th, 2013

Hey… Hangsen Juice at £3.00   no comments

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give us a visit at we ship the same day….. great flavours……

Written by vape on June 13th, 2013